Page 1-‘Star Wars’ Novel Explains Jakku’s Important History

Page 1 - The novel Star Wars Aftermath: Empire's End just hit the shelves today, and already the spoilers for the book have made their way online. The novel...

The novel Star Wars Aftermath: Empire’s End just hit the shelves today, and already the spoilers for the book have made their way online. The novel is centered around the Battle of Jakku which ended the Galactic Civil War – the aftermath of which can be seen in The Force Awakens from Rey’s AT-AT home to the Super Star Destroyer that the Millennium Falcon flies into for cover.

Screen Rant has reported a general outline of the events of the Star Wars novel as far as the climactic battle goes. The entire battle is planned by Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax, who was born on the planet and met with Palpatine for the purpose of carrying out a contingency plan, one necessitated by his demise on the second Death Star. While Rax initially planned on building a new iteration of the Empire under the planet’s harsh conditions, he later decided that he would join a group of Imperials hidden in the Unknown Regions of the Galaxy after baiting the New Republic fleet into an assault on Jakku. Rax’s hidden strategy for the battle would be to enable a catastrophic weapon that make the planet self-destruct – obliterating the New Republic in its infancy and sacrificing Imperials that he deemed were not worthy of serving his new Empire – after retreating into the Unknown Regions with Imperial forces he felt could effectively serve the second Empire.

The New Republic play their part when they discover the massive Imperial presence on Jakku and plan an attack accordingly, but complications arise due to the presence of the newfound bureaucracy put into place – the Galactic Senate has to agree on carrying out an attack of any substantial size. After a bit of gridlock and an investigation on the criminal ties of a few senators that are acting as obstructionists, the notion to begin an attack passes. (This complication also sets the stage for Leia to start thinking about funding the Resistance years down the road, in the event that such obstructionism interferes with the New Republic’s safety.) With this, the stage is set for the battle that will bring an end to the Galactic Civil War.

With the preparations out of the way, the New Republic and Galactic Empire engage in one of the Galactic Civil War’s largest battles on. Among these casualties are Gallius Rax himself, as Grand Admiral Rae Sloane kills him before he can activate the self-destruct device – in part out of revenge for Rax’s previous transgressions against her, and in part to ensure that the new Empire adheres to Palpatine’s original vision. As the Super Star Destroyer crashes into the planet’s surface, the Empire is left without a command ship, so Sloane and Commandant Brendol Hux then lead the remaining Imperials into the Unknown Regions, where the New Republic will not follow. Shortly after the battle, Mon Mothma and Mas Amedda sign a ceasefire that officially puts an end to the war, although the seeds of a new conflict are already being planted by what will become the First Order.

Star Wars Aftermath: Empire’s End is on shelves now.

Source: Screen Rant