Why James Cameron Won’t Direct Star Wars Or Any Superhero…

james cameronWhile promoting his new NatGeo doc Atlantis Rising, director James Cameron sat down with The Daily Beast and talked all things Avatar, Terminator and even blockbuster bias.

And since the trending topic as of now, at least movie-wise, are superhero flicks and Star Wars, Cameron was asked if he would ever consider directing one of these films. Here’s his response:

“I’m not the slightest bit interested in laboring in someone else’s house.”

It really does make sense. Cameron has been working on his own material for several years now, and it is unlikely for him to play by anyone else’s rules. Plus, even if he would be willing to do one of these movies, his schedule looks pretty full right now.

“The thing is, my focus isn’t on Avatar 2. My focus is on Avatar 2, 3, 4, and 5 equally. That’s exactly how I’m approaching it.’ He added, ‘I’ll be working with the actors in the capture volume in August, so I’m booked in production every day between now and then.”

Be sure to check out the full interview for more details.

Avatar 2 is set to hit theaters December 2018. And you can find out if Cameron found Atlantis in the NatGeo doc Atlantis Rising. Check out the trailer below.

Source: The Daily Beast