James Gunn Debunks Latest ‘Superman: Legacy’ Casting Rumor

"No. A casting director hasn't even been hired," Gunn said.

Superman: Legacy James Gunn

DC Studios Chief James Gunn has once again debunked an unsubstantiated Superman: Legacy rumor from reviled Youtuber Grace Randolph.

“According to Grace Randolph, there was a casting call that was sent out for Superman and Lois with the age range of 20-30 and the movie will film in early 2024,” House of DCU Twitter posted on Friday.

Gunn was swift to respond when asked by a Twitter user, “No. A casting director hasn’t even been hired.”

If you’re keeping score, that is now the second time Gunn has debunked Randolph whose credibility has always been suspect.

More to come…

Rick Lemoine

Rick Lemoine

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