James Gunn Debunks Latest ‘Superman: Legacy’ Casting Rumor

"No. A casting director hasn't even been hired," Gunn said.

Superman: Legacy James Gunn

DC Studios Chief James Gunn has once again debunked an unsubstantiated Superman: Legacy rumor from reviled Youtuber Grace Randolph.

“According to Grace Randolph, there was a casting call that was sent out for Superman and Lois with the age range of 20-30 and the movie will film in early 2024,” House of DCU Twitter posted on Friday.

Gunn was swift to respond when asked by a Twitter user, “No. A casting director hasn’t even been hired.”

If you’re keeping score, that is now the second time Gunn has debunked Randolph whose credibility has always been suspect.

More to come…