James Mangold On Why Caliban Is In Both ‘Logan’ & ‘Apocalypse’

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If you’ve seen both James Mangold’s Logan and Bryan Singer’s X-Men: Apocalypse, then you know that the character Caliban, a mutant who has the ability to physically track other mutants, appeared in both films. However, he was played by two different actors. In Apocalypse, Caliban was portrayed by Tómas Lemarquis and in Logan by Stephen Merchant.

Director James Mangold didn’t realize that the same character was in the last X-Men movie. In the end, it turned into a minor overlap in continuity, with each character not having anything to do with the other. But Mangold refused to give up having Caliban in his film. It also helped that the character isn’t the most popular mutant in the X-Men universe.

Here’s what James Mangold had to say about the whole ordeal in an interview with Nerdist:

It’s a funny, messy story of how so often these things are not as coordinated as everyone thinks. I actually had written him into our movie, and they didn’t know [he was] in Apocalypse, and then they kind of wrote it in their movie, and they cast someone in their movie and I had not seen it and was working away on mine. I just wanted to see this particular energy that we wrote, so I cast for what we were looking for. And I love Stephen, I’m a huge fan of his.

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Source: Nerdist

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