Jason Momoa On His Reaction To Being Cast As Aquaman

Game of Thrones actor Jason Momoa discussed his reaction to being cast as Arthur Curry in 'Justice League' and the solo 'Aquaman' movie.

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Of all the superheroes being gathered for the Justice League movie, Aquaman is one on the most anticipated ones. Perhaps it’s because Jason Momoa is playing him, but it’s refreshing and exciting to finally see Aquaman in a live-action movie.

Jason Momoa has been open in his love for Zack Snyder and was very excited after being approached by the director to play the character.

“Dude, there was a lot of things that went through my head when he said Aquaman. There were a lot of things that went through my mind. I was thinking like, ‘Lobo.’ I’m gonna play some kind of bad guy. I’m like, ‘Who am I gonna play?’ He said Aquaman. I was just like, ‘Come again? Pardon me?’ And then he explained why. I was like, ‘Whoa, buddy. I got your back’.”

The Justice League trailer debuted earlier this year at San Diego Comic Con and Jason Momoa was amazed by it. He continued to discuss how excited he was for the upcoming projects and how Snyder “changed” his life.

“I was like this is Aquaman propaganda. It was amazing. Zack is just… I love him to death. He’s amazing. And he’s been… Obviously, it’s his vision. He pulled me in to play it. He believed in me. You know, he changed me life. I owe the guy a lot. The stuff that he shot, just seeing the trailer was like, ‘Wow!’ Because everything that I brought and wanted to bring, it’s all the hopes you want to bring to the character. He made sure that stuffed stayed in there.”

Aquaman is set to begin pre-production later this month. Jason Momoa is set to make his first major appearance as the character in Justice League when it hits theaters November 17, 2017.

Source: ET Canada

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