VIDEO: How Jason Todd’s Tragic History Took Him From Robin To Red Hood

Red Hood DC Comics

The second individual to don the Robin mask, Jason Todd has quite the long, complicated history. After Bruce Wayne and his former ward — Dick Grayson — started to grow apart, Jason Todd filled the hole in Batman’s heart and joined his crime-fighting crusade. Rather than a chipper young boy, Jason Todd was an attitude-filled teen with a massive chip on his shoulder, something that Batman had never dealt with before.

Jason Todd was never the most positive child, but he had a good heart and believed in the work he and Batman were doing. As the angsty teen grew older, his disdain for the restraint he and Batman had to show towards criminals only grew more concrete, ultimately pulling the two heroes apart. His first solo journey landed him right on the Joker’s doorstep in Death in the Family, a mistake that led to his death and one of the most tragic events in Batman’s life.

Since his death, Jason Todd has become one of DC’s most essential characters. Years after fans first voted for Jason Todd to end up in the grave, DC brought the character back and transformed him into something completely different. Part vigilante and part hitman, Jason Todd now patrols the DC Universe as the Red Hood, dishing out his own personal style of superheroics.

Now that the character is becoming such a major player on Titans, it feels lilike the perfect time to dig into his history a bit more and see what makes him tick. Check out my newest video below to learn more about the tragic life and death of the second Robin, Jason Todd.

For now, Red Hood fans can see Curran Walters as Jason Todd in the second season of Titans, which is streaming on DC Universe.