Jeff Bridges Is Open To New Roles In Superhero Films

jeff bridgesBack in 2008, Iron Man started the MCU with a bang, and even now, 9 years later, it is still considered one of the best Marvel movies. Heck, it’s probably among the best superhero movies ever, and big part of that was Jeff Bridges’ role as the villainous Obadiah Stane. Truth be told, he’s so talented that he can probably take on almost any role and make it work.

In a recently released The Hollywood Reporter actor’s round table, the prolific actor was asked if he would be willing to take a role in another big superhero film. This was his reply:

“Yeah,” Bridges responded. “You know, early on in my career, I really stood out to try and not develop a strong persona and mix up so the audience would have an easier time projecting whatever character I was playing.”

It is certainly a great plan, as most roles he plays feel quite real and relatable. He also went on to explain a little bit about his experience working on Iron Man while having an incomplete script and the pressure from the studio.

‘Jon [Favreau, Iron Man’s director] dealt with it so well,’ He added. ‘It freaked me out. I was very anxious. I like to be prepared. I like to know my lines, man, that’s my school. Very prepared. That was very irritating, and then I just made this adjustment. It happens in movies a lot where something’s rubbing against your fur and it’s not feeling right, but it’s just the way it is. You can spend a lot of energy bitching about that or you can figure out how you’re going to do it, how you’re going to play this hand you’ve been dealt. What you can control is how you perceive things and your thinking about it. So I said, ‘Oh, what we’re doing here, we’re making a $200 million student film. We’re all just f—–’ around! We’re playin’. Oh, great!’ That took all the pressure off. ‘Oh, just jam, man, just play.’ And it turned out great!’

It seems like he found a trick to play these characters, and since it worked out so well for him, maybe other actors could give it a try.

What superhero movie role would you like to see Bridges in? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter (via