Is Jeff Goldblum Joining A Superhero Franchise?

Superhero and comic book films is one of the biggest genres in the film industry today with Disney’s successful Marvel Cinematic Universe that has been killing it since 2008, Warner Bros. Pictures is starting up their DC Extended Universe while 20th Century Fox continues with their X-Men Cinematic Universe. Tremendous actors have joined several of these films over the years in both at DC and Marvel (Disney and FOX). It looks like now that we might be getting the addition of another outstanding talent in either of these superhero universe.

Recently Josh Horowitz of MTV News chatted with Independence Day’s Jeff Goldblum who was promoting the upcoming sequel. During the interview, Horowitz asked how we haven’t seen Goldblum in a superhero film yet and whether or not he has had talks with Disney or Warner Bros. about joining one of their cinematic universes. While it’s few words, Goldblum was very cryptic as he gave quite the interesting response to Horowitz.

“I can say very little right now. But you might be onto something.”

It would without doubt be dope to see Goldblum join either one of those worlds, whether he is playing a hero or villain. As a fun sidenote: whether he joins DC or Marvel, this would be another Glee actor joining the world of superheroes, with Grant Gustin (as CW’s The Flash) and Melissa Benoist (as CBS’ Supergirl) as Goldblum played one of Rachel Berry’s (Lea Michele) adoptive fathers.

For the full interview with Horowitz, check out the video below as he gets into some comic book talk as well!

Independence Day: Resurgence opens in theaters on June 24th.

Source: MTV News

Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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