Jeffrey Dean Morgan On Whether He’ll Suit Up As Batman In ‘Flashpoint’

Jeffrey Dean Morgan does his best to stay silent about his potential involvement as Thomas Wayne/Batman in the upcoming 'Flashpoint' movie.

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Though Jimmy Kimmel is known for getting all the trailers for the superhero blockbusters, actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan did his best to make sure no major scoop went his way recently when discussing his potential involvement in Flashpoint.

Now that we know the Flash’s solo outing will be based off Flashpoint, it’s practically common knowledge among fans that Thomas Wayne is the one who could be donning the cape and cowl in this parallel universe. Kimmel said as much during his friendly chat that turned into a pretty funny interrogation.

The conversation starts on Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s slip-up at a panel where he accidentally revealed the sex of his baby on-stage in front of thousands of people. After that, Kimmel thought Moragn might be prone to more slip-ups and began questioning Morgan’s future involvement in the DC Extended Universe — Flashpoint in particular.

A few seconds of silence from Jeffrey Dean Morgan followed before he said “I didn’t say S***.” While funny, Morgan kept a lighthearted tone while saying the following:

I don’t know anything. Really I don’t know anything. DC has a lot of things going on. I’ve worked with DC. I did that Superman/Batman thing, I was in Watchmen. As a matter of fact you showed the very first picture of me as The Comedian on your show.

In the interview, it’s not easy to say whether or not Morgan is joking the whole time or if he’s really trying not to spoil anything big. Even toward the end when Kimmel suggested they may have gotten something out of him, Morgan joked back: “You really didn’t. I’m saying nothing — nada.” Check out the clip below:

If he’s not involved, what’s there to say? The fan community can probably go in circles about whether Jeffrey Dean Morgan is just bad at keeping secrets or if there aren’t actually any plans at all for the actor to portray Batman. Either way, this was definitely fun to watch — scoop or no scoop.

What do you make of the clip? Did Jeffrey Dean Morgan slip up a bit? Or is it a given that he’ll be Thomas Wayne in Flashpoint? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live