Jeremy Irons Talks ‘Batman V Superman’ Reception And Confirms Title Of Batman Solo-Film

Regardless of the mixed reception that was received with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, fans can’t deny how great the Batman mythos was portrayed in the film. The standout performance by Ben Affleck seemingly overshadowed another fantastic portrayal by Jeremy Irons, who portrayed Alfred Pennyworth, Batman’s childhood guardian and butler.

Speaking with DailyMail, the academy award winning actor was asked about his feelings towards the reception of Batman v Superman, his thoughts on working on the upcoming Batman solo-film, which he also seemingly confirms the films title.

When asked about the negative reception of Batman V Superman, the actor bluntly responded:

“Deservedly so. I mean it took £800 million, so the kicking didn’t matter but it was sort of overstuffed, it was very muddled. I think the next one will be simpler. The script is certainly a lot smaller, it’s more linear.”

The actor also reveals that he took inspiration for Alfred from an encounter with billionaire Paul Getty:

“You’d arrive for dinner and there’d be a very nice man to open the gate, a very nice man to park your car, another very nice man to take your coat and another very nice man to give you some champagne. They were all ex-SAS. So the whole place was surrounded by this level of threat, and I thought, “Yeah, that’s Alfred.”

“If I was Mr and Mrs Wayne and I had a young son I thought could be kidnapped, killed or whatever because of his wealth, I’d make sure his guardian – his tutor, his mate – was somebody pretty capable.”

But his blunt comments toward the film aside, the actor proceeded to quickly mention Batman solo-film.

“I’m tied into The Batman at the minute, which is nice because it’s a bit of income… Not that I need a bit of income but it’s nice to keep ticking over.”

While its worth noting that the actors candid humor gave the distinct impression that he was only it in for the money, the actor did seemingly reveal that the next Batman film would be titled “The Batman” as many rumors had suggested over this last year.

I, for one, loved his portrayal of Alfred in Batman V Superman, and I absolutely cant wait to see what DC pulls out next, and what Irons’ will be bringing to the table.

Justice League Part One is currently filming and due to hit theaters on November 17, 2017.

Source: DailyMail

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