‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2 Set Photos Tease Trish Walker As Hellcat

Jessica Jones

One of the characters that I took a special interest in during the first season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones is Trish Walker, played by Rachael Taylor. The reason for this is that I, like a lot of comic book readers, know that Patricia Walker is the real name of the Marvel vigilante Hellcat. The radio talk show host came a long way during Season 1, training to fight and accompanying Jessica on several missions. Trish is actually the one who pushes Jessica the most into taking up a life as a crime-fighter, even once trying to convince her that she needed a superhero costume and codename in one flashback scene which featured the Easter egg of the Jewel costume that Jessica wore in her early years (also in flashbacks) in the comics.

HawtCelebs has shared several new photos from the set of Jessica Jones Season 2 which show Rachael Taylor’s Trish Walker looking fierce, appearing to come to the aide of Jessica’s neighbor Malcolm (Eka Darville) to fight off a couple of random thugs. Of particular note is the color scheme of her outfit in these images, as the yellow and blue are very reminiscent of Hellcat’s costume from the comics. Based on all of the set photos that have been coming from Season 2 so far, it does appear that Trish will be getting a more hands on role in the show next year. So, the question now is, will we eventually see Trish suit up as Hellcat in the future on Jessica Jones?

Head on over to HawtCelebs to check out these great images.

Jessica Jones Season 2 is set to debut sometime in 2018, but until then, we can next see Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones and Rachael Taylor as Trish Walker in Marvel’s The Defenders, where they will be joined by Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock/Daredevil, Mike Colter as Luke Cage, Finn Jones as Danny Rand/Iron Fist, Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple, Scott Glenn as Stick, Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page, Elden Henson as Foggy Nelson, Carrie-Anne Moss as Jeri Hogarth, Eka Darville as Malcolm, Simone Missick as Misty Knight, Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing, Elodie Yung as Elektra and Sigourney Weaver as the series Big Bad, Alexandra.

Here is the synopsis for The Defenders: 

Marvel’s The Defenders follows Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. A quartet of singular heroes with one common goal – to save New York City. This is the story of four solitary figures, burdened with their own personal challenges, who realize they just might be stronger when teamed together.

Marvel’s The Defenders will be available to stream on Netflix starting August 18, 2017.

Source: HawtCelebs

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