‘Jessica Jones’ Sophomore Season Will Be ‘Dark and Heavy’

During a panel at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, Mike Colter took a moment to describe what the second season of 'Jessica Jones' will feel like.

Jessica JonesWith the filming of Marvel’s The Defenders wrapped up, Krysten Ritter is still busy as she films the second season of Jessica Jones. Details on the sophomore season of Jessica Jones have been scarce in terms of plot points or tone. Lucky for us, MCU Exchange has the scoop on the latter.

During the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo today, Mike Colter, best known as Luke Cage, told the audience that he’s been keeping in constant communication with Ritter while she’s been filming the second season. Seeing as Colter was featured prominently in the first season of Jessica Jones, it makes sense that he’s aware of the tone of the second season. In the tweet below, you can see exactly what he had to say with regards to the second season of Jessica Jones.

Season one of Jessica Jones was basically the equivalent of a hard-core horror show, so we’re not sure how the second season will top it on the “dark and heavy” front. If anything, this news reminds us once again about the secrecy surrounding Marvel’s Netflix shows. Often times, recurring characters don’t get the full scripts for the episodes they act in. After all, nobody wants leaks coming out!

Jessica Jones and Luke Cage will next be seen in Marvel’s The Defenders, along with Daredevil and Iron Fist. All 8 episodes of the series will hit Netflix on August 18th.

Source: MCU Exchange