‘Joker’ Director Reveals Joaquin Phoenix & His Character’s Real Name

Joaquin Phoenix Joker

Todd Phillips, the director of the upcoming Joker, has shared the first official image of Joaquin Phoenix as the titular villain.

While we still don’t know what Joaquin Phoenix will look like in full Joker makeup and garb, his transformation for this role has been noted as filming on the project began. We don’t even know if Phoenix will sport a full costume in the film at all, though that exclusion is quite unlikely. However, this Instagram post from Todd Philips not only shows off a pre-Joker Phoenix, but it also appears to reveal the Clown Prince of Crime’s real name in the film:


That’s right. It looks like the Joker’s real name in this film will be Arthur. Still no word on his last name, but “Arthur” seems to be a fitting choice. As you most likely know, Joker’s true identity has been a mystery since the characters inception decades ago. While some comics have “revealed” his identity before, these moments are often retconned later on.

So, what do you think? Can you picture this man becoming the Joker? Does he look like an “Arthur” to you? Let us know down in the comments section!

Source: Todd Phillips

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