Joe Carnahan to Direct and Produce ‘The Raid Redemption’ Remake

The Raid

Director Joe Carnahan has revealed that the planned American reimagining of the Indonesian hit The Raid Redemption is on his writing/directing to-do list, and may enter production soon. Recurring collaborator and actor Frank Grillo, who has been attached to the project for years, will star in the remake.

Joe Carnahan took to Twitter to confirm that he will spearhead the remake – gestating since 2014 – and he emphasized that the film would have its own tone and style instead of being a shot-for-shot foreign remake. Gareth Evans, who directed the original two Raid movies and is working on a third, is set to produce the new film. Carnahan also compared the planned tone of the remake to two of his existing works as a director and screenwriter. In addition, Frank Grillo’s involvement with the project was reestablished with an announcement video.

This development also comes at an interesting time, as Sony Pictures previously set Carnahan to direct a third Bad Boys movie. Given that The Raid is a different property that they own (under their Sony Pictures Classic brand), perhaps they decided that going forward with a small-budget action flick was a better investment than paying for big-budget action sequel to a movie that hasn’t had another installment in years. While Will Smith has proven that he’s still a pretty good draw when it comes to action movies, he’s also expensive – and sometimes, movies with smaller budgets can attract larger audiences, which could make something like The Raid a better investment than a standard, rather risky tentpole. Of course, it’s not clear if Sony Pictures will still be involved in any capacity, considering that XYZ Films has taken over, and it remains to be seen if Bad Boys For Life will get another delay, or if it will keep its current release trajectory with a new director.

Bad Boys For Life recently moved its release date from January to November 2018. The Raid Redemption remake is currently unscheduled.