Joe Manganiello Says Deathstroke Video Was An ‘Armor Screen Test’

Joe Manganiello Deathstroke The Batman

When Ben Affleck randomly shared the cryptic video of Deathstroke over twitter, fans went wild over what it could mean. Now we know that Deathstroke is indeed the villain of Affleck’s solo Batman film, and that Joe Manganiello will play the one-eyed mercenary, but the suit seen in the initial footage might not exactly be the final product.

Since Affleck has repeatedly said that The Batman script is still underway, it probably isn’t too much of a surprise that Joe Manganiello’s costume is still a prototype. In the tweet below, Manganiello confirmed that the footage shared by Affleck was only an “armor screen test.”

Although The Batman is pretty far out from release,  Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke may be appearing in this year’s Justice League if the storyboards are anything to go by. This past September, Zack Snyder shared a photo of himself working on some storyboards. If zoomed in and turned upside down, it was possible to see that Deathstroke (and possibly Lex Luthor) make an appearance.

Since Justice League wrapped production in October, there are some questions as to how much different Joe Manganiello’s initial costume will be from the test footage shown. However, it wouldn’t be out of the question for some changes to have been made before filming. If you somehow missed the test screening, or just want to see it again, have a look below:

Earlier this week, Joe Manganiello Manganiello shared his excitement over becoming DC’s most famous assassin.

Are you as excited as he is to see Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke on the big screen? Hopefully we will have a sneak peak at his role when Justice League debuts on November 17, 2017.

Source: Twitter