Joe Manganiello Is No Longer Positive He’ll Be In ‘The Batman’

Joe Manganiello The Batman

Now that The Batman is being reworked and rewritten, it seems like Joe Manganiello, who was confirmed to play Deathstroke in the film starring Ben Affleck as Batman, is no longer sure if he’s going to be in the movie anymore.

When asked if he’ll play Deathstroke, Manganiello’s reponse was, “Um, maybe. We’ll see.” An odd choice of words for someone who is already attached to star in the film.

You can watch the clip below.

Just recently, Manganiello was discussing training and the challenges behind playing someone like Deathstroke. So what changed? Not long after that, it was announced that the script for The Batman was getting a complete rewrite after Matt Reeves joined the production as director.

The film has been plagued with roadblocks from the start. Initially, Ben Affleck was set to direct, star, and co-write the film. Slowly, he began to pull out of a couple of these responsibilities. First, he stepped down as director, prompting Warner Bros. to go looking for another director as soon as possible so as not to halt production.

The real question is, has Manganiello’s role been removed now that the script being re-written?

What do you think of this news? Why does Manganiello look unsure? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Pittsburgh Today Live via Batman-News

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  • henryducard

    Idea! Have deathstroke be a cameo which leads into the nightwing movie which then in turn leads into a titans movie. Yessir

  • Marquis de Sade

    Dang, we be needin’ one of them there patent tried n’ true sammy-rai positive spins from his fountain of denial right about now.

  • Vegas82

    Joe was discussing training and all that BEFORE Ben left as director. The author of the article confirmed it. You guys really need to do better work.

  • Peter James

    He’s unsure because the script is being re-written.

    If the story is getting a re-write, who’s to say that they villain will remain Deathstroke or if they might decide to go a different direction (like say,….a Jared Leto Joker, properly done)?

    Stop acting like this is big news or foreboding of anything untoward.

    The only person guaranteed to survive a re-right is the person playing the title character.
    That’s pretty much it.
    Personally I think it would be a bad idea not to go with Deathstroke or to opt for a villain we’ve already seen done (to death) before, but that’s just me…

    • Matias Gagliardone

      It’s still bad news because I really wanted to see Deathstroke in The Batman especially if he’s played by Joe Manganiello

      • Peter James

        Maybe you still will.

        We don’t know what the new script will have.
        That’s part of the whole point to his response.

        • Matias Gagliardone

          Well I certainly hope so

  • bingeit 45

    firstly they might still go for deathstroke but i hope they don’t do joker again, it’s time to give joker a break for a time being.
    red hood might be interesting