Joe Manganiello On Spider-Man & Possible Roles In More Superhero Films

Joe Manganiello reflects on the success of Sam Raimi's 'Spider-Man' film and comments on possible appearances in future superhero films.

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Last month, it was reported that The Raid director Gareth Evans was in talks to write and direct a Deathstroke film with Joe Manganiello attached to star as the titular supervillain. Of course, this will not be Manganiello’s first foray into the superhero genre as the actor previously appeared Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man as Flash Thompson. In an interview with Mic, Manganiello reflected on the success of the first live-action Spider-Man film and commented on potential appearances in future superhero projects.

Joe Manganiello recounted his experience working on the first Spider-Man and commented on the box office success of the seminal superhero film:

“I don’t think anyone really predicted that the opening weekend was going to break the record, but I knew it was going to be huge. You could tell on set that what we were doing was something really special. It makes me feel old, ‘cause I was in one of the first ones and the fact that there’s been two reboots of Spider-Man since, and there’s been other Flash Thompsons. Boy, I’m old now.”

When asked if he would appear in any future superhero films – Marvel or otherwise – Joe Manganiello stated that he would be open to anything brought to his attention:

“If something were to come my way, in that way, I would happily accept it. […] I was a fan of DC comics and I’m a big fan of Geoff Johns’ Batman: Earth One, which was a really great series. For anyone who’s a comics fan who hasn’t read it, I highly recommend it.”

You can watch the entire interview with Joe Manganiello below!

Joe Manganiello had previously been cast as Deathstroke for Ben Affleck’s solo Batman film before Matt Reeves assumed directorial duties on the project and started over with a new story. With his future in the DC Extended Universe uncertain, fans were thrilled when Manganiello made an appearance as Deathstroke in the final post-credits scene of Justice League that teased future appearances by the deadly assassin.

Stay tuned to Heroic Hollywood for the latest news on the Deathstroke film as it develops!

Source: Mic

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