Joe Quesada Talks Netflix Shows And ‘Marvel Knights’

Joe Quesada

If you know Marvel comics, then you know Joe Quesada. He has long been involved with the company doing everything from penciling, writing, to being an editor. He has brought us many great works for Daredevil, Spider-Man, Iron Man, NYX, X-Factor as well as the Marvel Imprints: MAX, Ultimate, and most notably Marvel Knights, helping characters like Daredevil, Punisher, Inhumans, and Black Panther get more popular. His current role is as Chief Creative Officer for Marvel where he also now has a very active role on the TV side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

He recently had the opportunity to talk about his role on the TV and film side of the company and working in the MCU.

“Everyday is different. One day I could be working on scripts, one day I could be working on things for comic books. I would say that right at this moment, just because of the sheer density of the work we have, I’m doing a lot of stuff in television right now. In particular, the Netflix stuff is taking up a considerable amount of time.”

Because of his involvement on Marvel Knights, many of the properties he’s worked on are now finding their way into the MCU either on film or on television. Daredevil had a successful first and second season on Netflix. Black Panther is about to be a blockbuster film to be released in 2018 and will shortly begin filming. While the Inhumans film has temporarily been put on hold, there will definitely be a feature film on the horizon, probably in Phase 5. Quesada is very happy that these stories are successfully being transmitted into another media format.

“…It’s incredibly gratifying as well to see stories that I group up with, from the Miller stuff and beyond. Even the stuff that I had the opportunity to work on, with Kevin Smith and David Mack, and so many other people, and see parts of that portrayed in the series. And Jessica Jones, I was lucky enough to bring Brian Michael Bendis to Marvel and help usher Jessica Jones, he created the character with Michael Gaydos. It’s great to see that stuff actually happening.”

Another source of pride for Quesada is New York City. If you watch the Netflix shows, New York City is almost another character much like it is in many comic book properties. As a New Yorker, Quesada is also extremely happy that they shoot on location in the city he loves as it gives a more sense of realism for the shows

“Not only do I gravitate towards that realism and sort of darker, hardboiled side of the Marvel Universe, but it also takes place in my hometown. I’m a New Yorker, I’m still a New Yorker, and I love the fact that we’re shooting in New York.”

While he is doing great things within the MCU, he still continues creative work on the comic book side of Marvel as well. He’ll continue the delicate balancing act overseeing the creative aspects print, digital, and television aspects of Marvel.

Source: Comic Book Resources via MCU Exchange

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  • Vegas82

    The cliched line “New York is almost another character,” needs to die already. It’s not, stop saying it is.

    • Carl

      Have you been to New York City? It is the most characteristic city in the world.

      • Fat Head

        It really is. You could even say New York is almost another character.

      • SAMURAI36

        Have YOU been to NYC? I only grew up there. And he’s right, it is cliché. Especially considering how Marvel uses the city in their stories. They barely cover 1/10th of the city in their stories. For instance, why is Spidey from Queens, yet you see him most of the time swinging thru Times Square?
        Also, the fact that 90% of the Marvel Universe takes place in NYC, really bugs me, but that’s a grievance for another time.

        • Carl

          Many times, I lived 35 minutes away for most of my life. Leave it to you to minimize the greatest city in the world and bash Marvel in one comment.

          • SAMURAI36

            Man, you are one illiterate, retarded dude. I never once said anything bad about NY. Your blind faith in Marvel is astonishing.

          • Carl

            More base insults… you are really creating a toxic environment.

  • fox

    I think you meant Phase 4 for Inhumans. Phase 5 is at least 10 years away. Phase 4 starts right after Avengers 4 in 2019.

    • SAMURAI36

      Pretty sure Inhumans won’t be happening anytime soon.

      • Axxell

        LOL!…You’ll be denying it ever happened long after it’s made a billion dollars at the box office…

        • Jake Bucsko

          That guy sucks but I’m having my doubts as well. It could still happen, Ant Man was originally announced along with Iron Man in like 2006.

          • Axxell

            It will happen. Inhumans is a franchise with as much potential as Avengers… Marvel made the right move not trying to jam it into Phase 3.

          • Jake Bucsko

            That’s overstating things just a little, but it definitely didn’t fit before Infinity War.