John Barrowman Is ‘Very Sad To Be Leaving The Arrowverse’

John Barrowman Is 'Very Sad To Be Leaving The Arrowverse'. The actor releases a video message regarding his departure from Arrow and more.

If you haven’t seen the season five finale of Arrow, beware of some minor spoilers below. 

John Barrowman, having spent the majority of his time on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow this TV season, made his final appearance in Arrow’s season five finale as Malcolm Merlyn and is officially leaving the Arrowverse.

The actor has been a presence on Arrow and in the overall Arrowverse, having also appeared in crossover episodes of The Flash, for five years.

But after his character’s death in Arrow’s “Lian Yu” finale, Barrowman took to his Instagram a couple of days ago confirming his exit from the Arrowverse in a video message.

“I am very sad to be leaving the Arrowverse. I love playing Malcolm Merlyn, and you know – that’s it really. As sad as it may be, I understand how shows must change and also characters must change and develop. But that doesn’t mean I’m not very sad and upset about it. I appreciate your support and love you all.”

Barrowman had confirmed that he wouldn’t be returning at a comic con last month, but now that he’s released a message about it, it seems very final.

You can watch the entire video message below.

Spoiler Alert! Part 2 of 2 again thanks for all the support over the last 5 years. Now look out for the USA revised autobiography. JB

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Although in the way he’s phrased it, it doesn’t sound like the decision to leave was his, but probably the producers wanting to continue bringing in new characters and ending certain stories. Regardless, with the way the Arrow season finale went down, it felt timely that Merlyn would give up his life for Thea despite all their differences and conflict in the past.

What do you think about John Barrowman leaving the Arrowverse? Do you think it was time or would you have liked to see more of Malcolm Merlyn? Let us know in the comments below.

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