‘The Flash’ Actor John Wesley Shipp Comments On Ezra Miller & The DCEU

John-Wesley-Shipp-Flash-ezra-millerEver since Ezra Miller was cast as the DC Extended Universe version of The Flash while Grant Gustin still played The Flash on TV, it has been clear that Warner Bros. is keeping their film and TV properties separate. By creating a distinctly different universe tonally on the small screen, the CW and The Flash showrunners were able to play with different references and storylines that the films might not get around to any time soon.

One significant direction that The Flash show went in was the inclusion of multiple universes and multiple users of the Speed Force. A major user of the Speed Force was that of guest star John Wesley Shipp, who played The Flash in the 1990 TV series.

In a recent tweet from Heroic Hollywood writer Jeff Grantz, Shipp’s thoughts on the separate Flash actors was revealed:

Shipp’s portrayal of Jay Garrick, The Flash from Earth-3, has been met with praise and adoration from fans and TV critics, and his approval of Ezra Miller and the upcoming Flashpoint movie is a good sign for the future of DC properties.

Ezra Miller has made small cameos in the DCEU films Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad and will make his full debut in this year’s Justice League, in cinemas November 17.

The CW’s The Flash returns for its fourth season on October 10.

Characters That Should Join DC’s ‘Titans’ TV Show

Now that news has broke the long rumored Titans show will debut on a new DC subscription service, it’s time to for everyone to get up to speed on the Teen Titans.

We already know that Dick Grayson, Starfire and Raven will be on the show, but there are a lot of other members who deserve a chance to shine. While the show’s synopsis makes it sound like it may follow New Teen Titans by Marv Wolfman and George Perez, but the Titans can easily bring other heroes into the mix with some clever writing. There are a lot of great heroes who have called themselves Titans over the years, so I hope the show eventually builds to the point of being able to sustain a rotating roster chop full of classic heroes.

Geoff Johns, whose run on Teen Titans is one of my favorite comics of all time, co-wrote the pilot for the project with Akiva Goldsman so I’m hopeful the show will be emotionally rich as well as action packed. The Titans are a great group of characters and I’m ecstatic they are getting a chance at life outside of the kid-friendly, Teen Titans Go!

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