‘John Wick’ Director Working On ‘Kill Or Be Killed’ Adaptation

It's being reported that 'John Wick' director Chad Stahelski will be working on an adaptation of 'Kill Or Be Killed' from Image Comics.

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While everyone is currently focused on the possible Disney and Fox merger, there’s another piece of cool comic book movie news that hit today. The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that John Wick co-director Chad Stahelski will be working on an adaptation of Kill Or Be Killed from Image Comics.

The project will team him up once again with his John Wick producer Basil Iwanyk to bring the series by The Winter Soldier writer Ed Brubaker and artist Sean Phillips to the big screen. Jeff Waxman (mother!) is also producing with Dan Casey attached to write the film’s script.

The comic book series focuses on Dylan, a depressed college student who attempts suicide but ends up surviving due to unlikely events. Following this incident, Dylan is visited by a demon that reveals he has spared his life but in exchange, Dylan will only be allowed to live one more month for every person he kills.

It’s a fantastic story that I’d highly recommend if you’re looking to add something new to your reading list. Though it does look like it will be awhile before we see this one hit theaters as Stahelski is currently in pre-production on John Wick: Chapter Three and also attached to direct the upcoming Highlander remake. Let us know your thoughts on this news in the comments section below and stay tuned to Heroic Hollywood for any further updates.

Source: THR

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