Jon Bernthal Rocks ‘Daredevil’ Shirt Directly From The Comics

'Punisher' actor Jon Bernthal rocks a t-shirt that is directly inspired by a sweater design from Marvel's 'Daredevil' comics.

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The passion that flows from panel to screen is apparent when it comes to this era of superhero entertainment. Whether it is on the big screen or small screen, countless artists have showcased their love of these beloved characters, even beautifully translating them in live action form. It especially helps that the actors portraying these characters continue to embody the spirit of what made these comics so endearing in the first place.

Can you imagine being a comic book artist and one day, you see a special design of your’s being sported by one of the actors portraying one of the many heroes you love? Well, Mitch Gerads certainly feels that way. Yesterday, he tweeted an image of his own artwork of Frank Castle wearing a t-shirt that features the text: “I’M NOT DAREDEVIL”. Right next to that artwork, we see actor Jon Bernthal rocking that t-shirt himself, and talk about a perfect fit!

That shirt design was inspired by Paolo Rivera and Mark Waid, in which Matt Murdock attends a Christmas party wearing a sweater with the same text written on it. Can we get Charlie Cox to sport that sweater this Holiday season as well?

It is the little things like this that remind us why Jon Bernthal was the perfect actor to portray Frank Castle. Not only does he fully commit to the humanity and unbridled rage of the Punisher when he acts, but he also has a passion for the character thanks to the incredible work of comic book artists. Also, he really rocks this particular t-shirt design perfectly.

All episodes of Marvel’s Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are available to stream on Netflix. Meanwhile, Marvel’s Iron Fist will premiere on March 17, 2017. Marvel’s The Defenders and The Punisher series are currently in production, and are expected to premiere in 2017 on the streaming service.

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