Jon Bernthal And Tom Holland Auditioned Together For Their Marvel Roles

Jon Bernthal Punisher and Tom Holland Spider-Man banner

We might never get to see a scene between Spider-Man and The Punisher in the ever-growing Marvel Cinematic Universe, but more than a few casting tapes featuring Tom Holland and Jon Bernthal as Peter Parker and Frank Castle respectively are locked somewhere deep inside Disney’s vaults.

How do we know that? Well, in a recent interview with New York Daily News, Bernthal revealed that he and Holland helped each other out while auditioning for their Marvel roles during their Pilgrimage shoot in Ireland. Here’s what the actor told the site:

We were making tapes from Ireland in the process of getting him cast in Spider-Man and then he and I made a tape for The Punisher. During this independent movie that we did in Ireland we were constantly making tapes for Marvel — just acting together. These tapes definitely do exist, you can call Marvel and ask for it, but that’s like breaking into Fort Knox.

It’s highly unlikely that these casting tapes will ever see the light day, unless they’re going to be included in a future box set by Marvel, which would definitely be a welcome addition to their awesome special features. What do you guys think? Would you like to see them eventually? Let us know in the comment section below.

Source: New York Daily News

Michael Bezanidis

Michael Bezanidis

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  • This is definitely cool news!

  • Axxell

    We might never get to see a scene between Spider-Man and The Punisher in the ever-growing Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Is there a reason why Sony couldn’t make a deal with Marvel to have the Punisher or Daredevil show up in the Spiderman movie?

    • Vegas82

      Not really. If they enjoy the chemistry the two had it could be part of their future plans.

    • Math

      It would be cool, and I loved when these two characters crossed path in the comics, but you have to wonder with Spider-Man being more family friendly and the Punisher fitting better in the R rated domain, add all these rights split between studios issues, would a crossover ever happen? I guess I could see a small Punisher cameo in Infinity War and I’m guessing Spider-Man will have an important role in that one too, so yeah, they could both show up in the same movie there, but having a real story where Punisher and Spider-Man interact is another thing.

      • Axxell

        They don’t necessarily have to make it a blood bath; there’s plenty of PG-13 movies where people get shot and don’t need the gore.