Jon Favreau ‘Wouldn’t Be Surprised’ If He Returns To The MCU

Iron Man director Jon Favreau recently said that he wouldn't be surprised if he returns to the Marvel Cinematic Universe at some point.

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We’ve heard quite a bit recently about the possibility of Iron Man and Iron Man 2 director Jon Favreau returning to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and his interest in possibly directing a superhero film again. Currently Favreua acts as an executive producer on their films but what would it take to get him back in the director’s chair over at Marvel Studios? While speaking with IGN, Jon Favreau revealed the answer to this and it wouldn’t take too much.

“A great story. I know the people over there. I like them. I still executive produce the Avengers series and I like what they’re doing a lot now, I do. By the same token I feel like I’ve made my mark; whatever we did in those early days has continued and is in good hands with new filmmakers with fresh voices.”

But before we get too ahead of ourselves here, the director isn’t exactly sure that he is still the “right fit” for what Marvel Studios is currently doing but does go on to confirm that there is interest from both sides on Jon Favreau doing something beyond just being an executive producer on the films.

“I think they’re hiring the right kinds of filmmakers – I couldn’t be more impressed with this one [Civil War], and Guardians of the Galaxy I thought was an unexpected, delightful film. I just think how I fit in now might be different. It’s 10 years later, and now I’m more of an elder statesman. But we talk a lot about how I could be involved there and I exist both in front of and behind the camera in the Marvel universe, which puts me in a unique position which I enjoy.

We’re always trying to figure out if there’s a way for me to contribute beyond just being an executive producer there. I wouldn’t be surprised if something pops up soon, but there’s no one property that we’re identifying that I’d want to helm up and shoulder. Because now that the universe has gotten so big over there, I don’t know that I understand how it all fits together anymore. I was there in the early days when the universe was very small. Now the universe is very big there and they seem to have it well in hand.”

With both sides being interested in having Jon Favreau back behind the camera, wouldn’t be too surprised if he gets attached to an upcoming Phase Four film. With Downey recently teasing that he might have “one more” solo film left in him, perhaps him and Jon Favreau could find a great story for a fourth Iron Man film? Or is there another franchise you’d like to the director take a crack at? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: IGN

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