Josh Hartnett On Why He Passed On Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy

Actor Josh Hartnett explains why he passed on the role of Batman in director Christopher Nolan's 'The Dark Knight' trilogy.

Josh Hartnett
Director Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy became one of the most critically acclaimed and financially successful series of superhero films ever produced. However, Nolan’s dark and realistic take on Batman might have had a different face underneath the cape and cowl had actor Josh Hartnett not passed on the lead role before Christian Bale landed the job. In an interview with the Associated Press, Hartnett opened up about his decision to pass on the opportunity to play the Caped Crusader and any regrets he may have over the choice.

Hartnett explained that his regret is mainly over missing out on the chance to collaborate with Christopher Nolan:

“I would welcome the opportunity to be in a relationship with a great artist in our film culture, no matter where they’re making films and in that instance, I think my regret mostly was not forming the friendship or the creative partnership with that director, more than it was [not] doing Batman.”

Hartnett added that he did not pass on the role because of any aversion to studio films:

“It wasn’t about not doing studio films. At the time, what I was interested in was… the film that I did instead of that was a tiny film about a guy with Asperger’s Syndrome, falling in love with a woman with Asperger’s Syndrome, a true story, ended up being called Mozart And The Whale. It was just a question more of what I wanted to do as opposed to what I didn’t want to do, and I always try to look at things that way.”

No disrespect to Josh Hartnett, but while many will complain about Christian Bale’s Batman voice, it is difficult to image anyone else portraying Nolan’s darker and serious take on the caped crusader. While The Dark Knight trilogy was not entirely perfect, particularly due to the problematic third installment, I imagine most would argue that the cast and crew assembled for the series of films turned out to be the right choices.

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Source: Associated Press

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