Director Josh Trank Removes ‘Fantastic Four’ From Instagram Bio

Josh Trank, director of the 2015 Fantastic Four film has removed the film's name from his Instagram bio in another move to distance himself from it.

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Josh Trank, director of the 2015 Fantastic Four film has removed the film’s name from his Instagram bio.

In yet another display to distance himself from the 2015 flop, director Josh Trank replaced the title of the infamous dud with the appropriate number of asterisks in its place. The bio now reads as  ‘Chronicle ********* **** Fonzo’, referring to his first major feature and his upcoming Al Capon film starring Tom Hardy. And it’s not at all surprising that he would want to continue to distance himself from the film.

Since the 2015 Fantastic Four reboot was released, everyone involved with the project has seemed to go out of their way to either disown the film or simply choose not talk about it. Even before it was released, the behind the scenes problems were well known with Trank publicly renouncing it on twitter just days before the film was released. The director, producers and actors all have differing versions as to how it went down but the end result was a film that was savaged by critics and despised by audiences, garnering an abysmal 9% critic approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and only earning a little over $167M at the worldwide box office on a $120M budget. The consequences of this, however, were far more reaching then anyone would have realized.

As a result of the film’s abysmal performance, all of Fox’s plans for the franchise were put on hold and a proposed shared universe between it and the X-Men films were scrapped entirely. In addition, the film’s performance stalled Trank’s career, resulting in him being removed as the director of an upcoming solo Star Wars film that Fantastic Four producer Simon Kinberg was also set to produce. The film also seemed to have been shelved in favor of other spin-offs. So it’s no surprise that Trank would want to distance himself from the film. Let’s hope he can bounce back with Fonzo.

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