‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot Writer Reveals Original Script Details

Fantastic Four Josh Trank

Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four was almost very different according to one of the film’s original writers, Zack Stentz.

You might recognize writer Zack Stentz from films like Thor or X-Men: First Class. What you might not know is that Stentz was supposed to pen Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four. 20th Century Fox hired him and writer Ashley Miller to give Josh Trank a story for the film, but Trank was apparently unaware of their involvement when he signed on.

Earlier this week, Stenz was a guest on Kevin Smith’s Fatman Beyond podcast. There, Shedz shed some light on what happened to the Fantastic Four script he wrote with Ashley Miller. As he told told Smith, Josh Trank didn’t know Fox hired them and he wanted to use his own writer for the film:

“The other thing that’s never going to happen is the version that [Ashley Miller] and I did of the Fantastic Four. Josh Trank, who ended up doing the Fantastic Four that we saw in the theaters, we were supposed to be writing the script for him but nobody told him that we were doing it. So, when he officially signed on he was like, ‘Why are you imposing these other writers on me? I want to use my own writer. I wanna do my own script.’ And he did his version instead.”

The writer wanted to be clear that there’s no bad blood among them and he understood Josh Trank’s position on the matter. Then, Stenz revealed a few details about the script:

“It was one of those hammer blows to our career at the time, even though we had gotten paid because I was so freakin’ proud of that script. It was how the Fantastic Four were almost the Fantastic Five except a young man named Victor von Doom was just too damaged and fucked up to be part of them. It was a script I was very proud of. Josh Trank didn’t wanna do it.”

Fantastic Four was an utter failure for critics and regular moviegoers, who were eagerly waiting for a solid reboot after the Marvel Cinematic Universe proved to be a massive success. Josh Trank himself has been very vocal about how big of a letdown the film was. When even the director of a film feels disappointed by how his own project turns out in the end, there’s little to be salvaged.

Now that Disney has acquired Fox, it seems that the possibility of another Fantastic Four reboot is more likely than ever. Marvel Studios seems to have perfected the formula for its superhero films and the next phase for the Marvel Cinematic Universe seems like the perfect place to introduce a new take on Reed Richards and the rest of the Fantastic Four.

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Here’s the synopsis for Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four:

Four young outsiders teleport to an alternate and dangerous universe which alters their physical form in shocking ways. The four must learn to harness their new abilities and work together to save Earth from a former friend turned enemy.

Fantastic Four was directed by Josh Trank and stars Miles Teller, Michael B Jordan, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell, Toby Kebbell.

Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four is available on 4k Ultra, Blu-Ray and DVD.

Source: YouTube (via ComicBook.com)