Joss Whedon ‘Not Against’ Alicia Silverstone Cameo In ‘Batgirl’

Batgirl Alicia SilverstoneIt’s still amazing to me that a Batgirl film and a Nightwing film were announced so close to one another, but it seems like they are happening. Maybe the most surprising part of the Batgirl announcement is that it is Joss Whedon who will direct this important entry in the DC Extended Universe.

One of the only Batgirls we have seen on screen is Alicia Silverstone’s rendition in the infamous Clooney-led Batman & Robin film. While the movie itself is better left alone, since Silverstone is one of the only actresses to portray the character before, some are hoping she will have a presence in the upcoming DCEU Batgirl film.

On the red carpet for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Whedon explained that he would be okay with a cameo from Silverstone, but it’s far too early to confirm or deny one.

“It hasn’t crossed my mind. I’m not against it, but I’m not looking for Easter eggs – I’m still trying to write a movie!”

Joss Whedon is starting to sound like Ben Affleck when asked about The Batman! How do you feel about an Alicia Silverstone cameo in Batgirl? Let us know in the comments!


5 Batgirl Stories That Should Shape Joss Whedon’s Film

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batgirlWell, now that we all know Batgirl will be getting her own movie, directed by Joss Whedon no less, it’s time to start thinking about what kind of film it will be. Yeah, we had a Batgirl in the terrible Batman and Robin movie, but she wasn’t even Barbara Gordon. Gordon is so clearly the most iconic Batgirl it’s ridiculous they thought to make up some other character for the movie.

Don’t worry though, loyal Batgirl fans. It’s already been confirmed Barbara will star in the movie. While there is always room for Whedon to develop his own stories for the character, it’s more likely he will draw from a few different comics to give audiences a well-rounded introduction to the character.

So hit Next to find out more about 5 Batgirl stories the movie should borrow ideas from..

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  • Keiran S-C

    please, whedon, dont make this another comedy movie like clooneys batman or the avenger movies take this one seriously

    • Fenix

      Yes, no fun allowed.

      • Keiran S-C

        agreed that would make for a much better film but some jokes would be ok i guesss, as long as their not immature such as comically beating up the big bad villain in a playful style then saying puny god afterwards while all the heroes chill out with some swharma…. or punching another big bad villain off into the distance like wille e coyote those are the kind of things my 13 year old brother would laugh at but a few jokes while say the hero doesnt have a threat of impending doom with civilians dying all around would be a nice change from his usual work.

        overall as long as we dont get his childish comedy superheros like he did to the avengers or the pitifully written narratives like quicksilver getting shot to death and his last words being “i bet you didnt expect that” as he leaves a sister behind in the middle of a battelfield to die….. He will have to step up his game considerable if hes joining the DCEU

        • Fenix
          • Keiran S-C

            what? :S how have they not been successful the DCEU has earnt considerably more than the mcu at this stage in their franchise.

            The only negative thing concerning the DCEU has been critic response and lets face it no one put any stock in critics until mcu fans started acting like they were the only thing that matter.

            Anyway as the transformers movies proved a film doesnt have to be good to make billions simply have alot of explosions, the same way the mcu has nothing but comedy and makes billions yet lacks anything compelling or emotional.

            Im talking more about quality than commercial success

  • 12stepCornelius

    This is where he could start f’ing up. “Ooh, Alicia Silverstone was Batgirl in Batman and Robin! That was fun! Let’s put her in the movie too in some irrelevant role that just reminds everyone of Schumacher!”

    Please god, no. Batgirl would exist best in a movie that has the tone of Suicide Squad. Fun, upbeat, but still dark.