How Joss Whedon Helped Shane Black With Iron Man 3

I’ve got some serious news for you folks; making a film isn’t easy. In fact it’s really quite tough, no matter who you are. Iron Man 3 was especially tough for Shane Black for a number of reasons. It was his second outing as a director and eight years after his first with 2005’s Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (also starring Robert Downey Jr.) but making a smaller film he had more control over than anyone and making a massive Marvel movie in a connected universe with more than one cook in the kitchen are two very different beasts.

Shane Black has been in the Hollywood game for a long time having written 1987’s Lethal Weapon and famously breaking records for selling 1996’s The Long Kiss Goodnight script for $3 million but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t use a little advice when tackling the threequel to one of the worlds favourite superheroes. That’s where Joss Whedon comes in.

Whedon and Black share a few similarities in their respected careers. Both were writing since the late eighties, Joss more for TV, Shane exclusively for film and both made the transition to feature film directing in 2005 with Joss also making his directorial debut with Serenity. Joss however got the jump on the Marvel game a year earlier with the record breaking smash hit Marvel’s The Avengers and he offered Shane some much sort after advice and recently in an interview with Cinema Blend, Shane revealed what that advice was;

“Joss Whedon came to me when I was kind of freaking out about all the moving parts and said, ‘Just trust the machine. [Marvel Studios President Kevin] Feige is good at what he does. Do your part, work hard, but you don’t have to control every moving part. These guys are good. They’ll show you how to do this.’ And from that point on, I just opened my ears and had a tremendous experience learning how movies function at that level. I trusted the machine, and I still think Marvel is the one doing it right. I think they’re great over there.”

While fans are a little more divided with Iron Man 3 and it has this ‘love it or hate it’ mentality surrounding it, there is not denying it’s box office success, being one of the highest grossing films of all time.

Despite this however Shane black opted to work on a smaller film for his next project The Nice Guys to finally bring to life a script he’s had floating around for a long time. You can catch The Nice Guys in theatres this weekend!

Source: Cinema Blend

Tommy Terry-Green

Tommy Terry-Green

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