New Working Title For ‘Jurassic World 2’ Revealed

Jurassic World

The movie that managed to distinguish itself as the fourth all time highest box office achiever is getting a sequel (duh), and the gigantic blockbuster now has a working title. Traditionally, a working title is usually just a place holder stamp for a film during its development, but they have been known to hint towards eventual plot details or sequences in the past. A hilarious working title, for example, is James Cameron‘s Titanic (the 2nd highest grossing film of all time). The working title for that particular picture was ‘Planet Ice’. Universal Pictures recently tapped visionary director J.A. Bayona to helm the film, and it seems like as development began, the working title that was settled on for Jurassic World 2, was ‘Ancient Futures’.

Now you don’t have to be a massive Jurassic franchise fan to know the basic storyline of all four of the gigantic movies. Man creates dinosaur, dinosaur betrays man’s evil corporate intentions, and dinosaur eats (most of) the men and women on the island. Now Jurassic Park, by its very nature is all about bringing the past into the current, so it makes sense that ‘Ancient Futures’ would be an appropriate working title. Another interesting hint that could be pulled from this, is one that actually only existed in the recent Jurassic entry, Jurassic World. Due to the overwhelming boredom of the park attendees, scientists began splicing numerous animal DNA with that of the prehistoric creatures, creating almost super beings. But most importantly, they were making new creatures. This could be a hint hidden within the new working title. If they are making future predators out of their ancient remains, then a whole new group of species could come about from this. Either that, or we’re going to have dinosaurs running after flying cars in a quasi-Back to the Future/Jurassic Park mash up.

Jurassic World 2 is set to be released on June 22, 2018, and it will no doubt break some monstrous records of its own.

Ryno Carlquist

Ryno Carlquist

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