‘Jurassic World 2’ Director J.A. Bayona On Making A ‘Darker’ Sequel

Whether you liked, hated, or ignored Jurassic World, J.A. Bayona's sequel is one that may actually earn the usual The Empire Strikes Back comparisons.

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Whatever your feelings toward Jurassic World (I enjoyed it for the dumb blockbuster and nostalgia trip it was), the sequel is already infinitely more interesting thanks to new director J.A. Bayona, is coming off the highly-acclaimed A Monster Calls. While doing press for that film, he spoke to ComingSoon about his next gig at the helm of his first blockbuster and how he and the film will fit into the Jurassic Park saga.

He agreed that the sequel would continue the political implications of recreating dinosaurs and dangers of such information becoming widely-available.

“I think there’s a lot of that in the new ‘Jurassic.’ I think there’s a lot of possessiveness towards our creations. I think it’s very interesting where the new movie is heading. It’s so different from the other films, it talks a lot about the moment we live in right now. It’s darker… but at the same time it’s going to be a lot of fun. It’s a blockbuster, you have Chris Pratt, it’s a great adventure, but it’s very interesting the way the film is darker than the other ones.”

Frankly, I’m just glad he didn’t compare it to The Empire Strikes Back or The Wrath of Khan or The Dark Knight or any boilerplate for a more complex, darker sequel to a more traditional original. Bayona said in the interview that, while he was hired on the strength of the drama and horror he brought to previous work such as The Orphanage and The Impossible, staying grounded was key. As well as pleasing Steven Spielberg of course.

“You need to adapt, you need to know where you are. “‘Jurassic’ is going to be very different from ‘A Monster Calls’ or ‘The Orphanage,’ but they called me because they loved ‘The Orphanage’ and ‘The Impossible’ and they wanted me to be leading the new ‘Jurassic.’ I think you’re going to find some stuff that will remind you of my movies. At the same time I’m very aware that this is Steven’s baby and I’m going to take care of his baby as much as possible, knowing where I am all the time.”

Toby Jones, Rafe Spall, and Justice Smith join returning stars Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. Filming begins on Jurassic World 2 around February or March next year for release June 22, 2018.

Source: ComingSoon

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