‘Jurassic World 2’: First Logo Revealed As Production Wraps In England

Jurassic World 2 Posters
The sequel to Jurassic World has been filming since late February and it appears production will soon be moving from England to Oahu. To celebrate the occasion, the cast and the crew had a mini-wrap party where one attendee posted an image of the first logo for the film on their Instagram story feed.

Reel News Hawaii discovered the image, which features the logo against a black screen. The title font is in the same style as the previous Jurassic Park films.

You can check out the logo in the post below!

There is no word on whether or not this is the official title of the film.

What do you think of the logo? Would you like this to be the official title for the film or should it be a little more creative? Share your thoughts below!

Details on the film’s plot are unknown at this time, though a potential synopsis did hint at an impending war involving dinosaurs trained for combat.

Directed by J. A. Boyona, the film stars Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Toby Jones, Justice Smith, Rafe Spall, Ted Levine, Daniella Pineda, Geraldine Chaplin and James Cromwell. Jeff Goldblum will return as Dr. Ian Malcolm.

Jurassic World 2 will be released in theaters on June 22, 2018.

Source: Reel News Hawaii

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