‘Justice League Dark’: Former Director Departed Due To Scheduling Issues

Arrowverse Justice League DarkIn a recent interview, director Doug Liman has confirmed that scheduling issues were the reason he left Justice League Dark. Doug Liman has a busy schedule ahead, so it appears that clearing Dark off his calendar allowed him some breathing room.

Liman departed the film just a few weeks ago, but he seemed invested in the film, citing that it would be a smaller, more personal film than most superhero films. With Liman fanning the flames, many were shocked when he left the film. He clarified his reasons for leaving the film in an interview with IGN:

“I was really excited by the characters and that world, but I’m doing Chaos Walking for Lionsgate next and then Tom [Cruise] and I are hoping to do the sequel to Edge of Tomorrow so it just became a scheduling nightmare … That’s the problem with directing. Producers can do multiple films, you know? Directing is like being married!”

Warner Bros. is also excited for the film, considering that they actively started looking for directors as soon as Liman departed the project. The current contenders for the project include Andrés Muschietti, the director of the upcoming It reboot, and Damián Szifron, the director of the highly-acclaimed Argentinian film Wild Tales.

Justice League Dark currently does not have a director, plot, cast, or release date. Be sure to check back to read the latest news on Justice League Dark and other DC films.

Source: IGN

10 Best Superhero Movie Moments Of The Past Decade

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Best Superhero Movie Moments Decade

It is extremely apparent over the last several years there has been a massive boom in the superhero film trend. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been making their way to shape the modern superhero film in addition to what has been happening between Warner, Brothers, Fox, Sony and all of the other studios working to strike while it’s still hot. The films that have been released have been some of the best in the genre and they keep continuing to make more. They are also becoming more and more successful. Over the past decade some of these excellent examples have been made and each of these films has moments that help define the best of the genre. With a new era that includes DC characters and R-Rated fair it’s a perfect time to look back at the very best moments of these films over the past 10 years.

This list contains Spoilers from films from 2007-2017. With that said, here are 10 best superhero movie moments of the Last decade.

Here are 10 Best Superhero Movie Moments Of The Last Decade. Click Next to continue

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