Former ‘Justice League Dark’ Director Open To Working With DC Again

Former Justice League Dark director Doug Liman has revealed that he'd be open to working with Warner Bros. on a DC Films project again in the future.

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Justice League Dark is one of the many DC Extended Universe projects currently in development over at Warner Brothers, but the movie has been without a director since Doug Liman parted ways with the studio all the way back in May 2017. However, Liman has now revealed that he’d be open to working with Warner Bros. again by either returning to Justice League Dark or helming another DC project.

Liman mentioned the above when he recently sat down with ScreenRant to discuss his work on the upcoming Jumper series Impulse for Youtube Red. Here’s what he told the site about potentially working with DC again:

“I would be open to it. I have a very kind of contrarian approach to how I make things and I don’t want to do them the way other people have done them. You know, Impulse is an original take on superpower as you can imagine and still be satisfying. Because obviously there’s some things – you can be original and artsy and not… Part of the reason cliches exist is because they’re satisfying to the audience so my challenge as a filmmaker has always been to do something that’s really original and still totally satisfying on a big commercial level, which I feel we’ve done with Impulse and I’d be really interested in doing that within the DC world if the right piece of material comes along.”

Last we heard, Justice League Dark was said to be heading back to the drawing board after Warner Bros. executives were left underwhelmed by pitches from potential directors. The studio has been trying to get the project off the ground for years now and Guillermo del Toro was at one point even attached to direct it.

Justice League Dark is being produced by Scott Rudin. The project has previously been described as smaller and a more intimate character-driven piece than other superhero films and it is said to play a major role in the DC Extended Universe. The plot is expected to focus on the team members from the comics including John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Deadman, Zatanna and Etrigan the Demon.

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Source: ScreenRant

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