New ‘Justice League Dark’ Clip Introduces Etrigan The Demon

A new Justice League Dark clip features Matt Ryan's Constantine and also gives us our first extended look of Etrigan the Demon in action.

Justice League Dark Image Etrigan

A new clip has been released for DC and Warner Bros. Animation’s latest direct-to-video feature, Justice League Dark, and it features our first extended look at Etrigan the Demon in action.

The clip features John Constantine (voiced by Matt Ryan, reprising his role from the short-lived NBC series Constantine) taking control of Jason Blood’s body via magic and forcing him to utter the words that transform him into the monstrous Etrigan. The Demon (voiced by Ray Chase) then proceeds to take out the Demons Three with relative ease. Check out the clip below.

For those not familiar with the character, Etrigan is a demon from hell bound to a human by the name of Jason Blood. A particular quirk of the character is that he can only speak in rhyme, which makes him a lot of fun to read/watch. Usually fighting for the side of good, he’s teamed with Batman on numerous occasions, even appearing in an episode of The New Batman Adventures and several episodes of Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.

“When innocent civilians begin committing unthinkable crimes across Metropolis, Gotham City and beyond, Batman must call upon mystical counterparts to eradicate this demonic threat to the planet. Enter Justice League Dark, reluctantly led by the Hellblazer himself, John Constantine. Like Batman, Constantine is a cunning, often cynical loner who is the best at his chosen profession – but quickly realizes the sinister forces plaguing the planet will require help from other supernatural alliances. Forming a new “league” with sorceress Zatanna, otherworldly Deadman, and Jason Blood and his powerful alter ego Etrigan the Demon, this team of Dark Arts specialists must unravel the mystery of Earth’s supernatural plague and contend with the rising, powerful villainous forces behind the siege – before it’s too late for all of mankind.”

Justice League Dark will be rated R, the second DC animated film to receive that rating, following Batman: The Killing Joke. It is available on Digital HD starting January 24th, and will be released on Blu-Ray and DVD on February 7th, 2017.

Source: IGN