‘Justice League’: Flash Seen As Breakout Character, ‘Flashpoint’ A Priority

DC's Justice League serves as the introduction point for several characters, but the Flash is seen as the most popular, so his movie is on the fast track.

Justice League Ezra Miller The Flash Zack Snyder

Based on test screenings for Justice League, the teams working at DC Films and Warner Brothers agree that The Flash is the most popular new superhero with audiences. As such, the studios are interested in making sure that The Flash: Flashpoint becomes one of the next high-priority projects that they undertake.

The Wall Street Journal recently featured an extensive article covering the ins and outs of Justice League and the future of DC Films, discussing the struggles it took to bring the movie to life. As the article comes to a close, there’s a brief mention of the enthusiasm seen toward the Flash from Warner Brothers producer Toby Emerich:

“In Justice League, Ezra Miller’s Flash, who is young, socially awkward, and hides his fear through humor, is viewed at Warner as the movie’s breakout character. Mr. Emmerich said a solo Flash film is a priority.”

The author of the piece also took to Twitter to add a detail that couldn’t be fit into the story — Emerrich has stated that Flashpoint nearly has its director and that they’re close to officially green-lighting the project:

The Flash was previously described as the “collective favorite” out of the new heroes by DC Entertainment President Geoff Johns when sections of the movie were screened to select audiences. Using an event movie like Justice League to serve as the launchpoint for another character seems naturally like something they could do, as Wonder Woman‘s success in-part owed itself to the fact that audiences already met the character in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Given that the Flashpoint story involves many members of the Justice League, it wouldn’t be all that surprising to see other characters get a boost off of that as well, making it a smart investment if done right.

Justice League unites on November 17, 2017. The superhero epic features a cast that includes Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne (Batman), Henry Cavill as Kal-El/Clark Kent (Superman), Gal Gadot as Diana Prince (Wonder Woman), Jason Momoa as Orin/Arthur Curry (Aquaman), Ezra Miller as Barry Allen (The Flash), Ray Fisher as Victor Stone (Cyborg), Ciarán Hinds as Steppenwolf, Amy Adams as Lois Lane, Willem Dafoe as Nuidis Vulko, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth, Diane Lane as Martha Kent, Connie Nielsen as Queen Hippolyta, Robin Wright as General Antiope, J. K. Simmons as Commissioner James ‘Jim’ Gordon, Joe Morton as Dr. Silas Stone, Amber Heard as Mera, Julian Lewis Jones as King Atlan, Billy Crudup as Dr. Henry Allen, and Kiersey Clemons as Iris West. Michael McElhatton is also in the movie in an unspecified role.

The Flash: Flashpoint does not yet have a planned release date. Cast members expected to return include Ezra Miller as Barry Allen (The Flash), Kiersey Clemons as Iris West, Billy Crudup as Dr. Henry Allen, Gal Gadot as Diana Prince (Wonder Woman), Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Thomas Wayne (Batman), and Lauren Cohan as Martha Wayne (The Joker).

Source: The Wall Street Journal, Twitter