RUMOR: ‘Justice League’ Reshoots May Have Changed Film’s Ending

According to a new rumor, the 'Justice League' reshoots may have also involved a change in the film's ending that takes a different path.

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Justice League has been going through reshoots much like any major blockbuster has in recent memory. Joss Whedon took over directorial duties after Zack Snyder departed the project after a family tragedy. The extent of these reshoots have been heavily speculated on, with some worried that they are indicative of an unsatisfying product.

A new rumor regarding Justice League has been dropped. During the /Film Daily podcast released on  August 11th, Peter Sciretta revealed what he has been hearing about the reshoots. According to Sciretta, the reshoots are more than just fixing the tone but also to change the ending:

“The original ending of the movie from what I understand was that he was kind of playing the Silver Surfer role and Darkseid playing kind of the Galactus role, and the ending of the movie was a cliffhanger and Justice League 2 was going to be Justice League vs. Darkseid. Darkest arrives at Earth. It was kind of like this down, dirty ending and from what I understand that has been completely removed. The ending ends the movie like a movie and it doesn’t leave a cliffhanger now. They did a reshoot with Robin Wright from Wonder Woman and that’s gonna be a flashback explaining who Steppenwolf is and he’s now the big bad of this movie whereas Darkseid was this looming threat who won’t come.”

Sciretta stresses that he does not believe that the extent of these reshoots are indicative of a messy production. He expresses that the potential changed ending was more of a creative decision that the team felt was a better direction than originally intended.

Warner Bros. originally announced Justice League as a two-part film. Justice League: Part One would be the first film that would set up the events in Justice League: Part Two, where Darkseid would take center stage as the main antagonist for the heroes.

However, with the subtitle dropped from the first official film’s title along with this new rumor regarding the changed ending, it looks like it will serve more as a more complete, standalone movie in terms of the story. After all, this is the film in which Batman and Wonder Woman unite the team for the first time.

What do you guys think about this rumor? Do you think Warner Bros. intends to change the film’s ending? Sound off in the comments below and be sure to continue following Heroic Hollywood for the latest news regarding Justice League and the rest of the DC Extended Universe.

Justice League opens in theaters on Nov

Source: /Film Daily

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