‘Justice League’ Concept Artist Reveals Steppenwolf Test Design

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In his brief appearances in the DC Extended Universe, Steppenwolf has had a few cosmetic changes from film to trailer to film. There’s the brief Communion scene in the Ultimate Edition of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, the trailers leading up to Justice League, and then Justice League itself.

And since that film’s release, even now, as is the case with many a film, you get a look at concept art, footage, and deleted scenes or visual effects of what might have been. Such is the case today with Steppenwolf and his design at the conceptual stage during Justice League’s development.

A concept artist who goes by the username jsmarantz on Instagram recently shared a photo of a test render he had created of Steppenwolf. The caption reads as follows: “This was a test render I did for some #steppenwolf #armor #conceptart. I did a lot of experimentation with custom insert and chain brushes that I made in #zbrush. I would then take the model into keyshot and see what I could do with the materials and bump in #keyshot. #newgods #dc #justiceleague #happyaccidents.”

Here, have a look at the Justice League render in the art below.


Some in the comments like it over what was seen in the final product, some don’t, but it’s another look at a work-in-progress for a film and a show of what could have looked different in Justice League. What do you think of this design for Steppenwolf? Let us know in the comments below.

Omari Daniels

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