‘Justice League’ Stuntman Posts ‘Dark Knight’ BTS Image

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One of the Justice League stuntmen has posted an image of himself from the set of that film but he appears to be as he puts it himself, in Dark Knight mode.

Peter Cetrone, who worked as the stuntman on Justice League for Ben Affleck’s version of Batman has posted a new image from behind the scenes of the flawed DC film. The image is pretty cool but the writing in the post is what is so eye-catching, the stuntman claims to be in Dark Knight mode, a reference to Christian Bale’s version of Batman in the significantly better Chis Nolan films.

You can check out the post here:


Fans of the Dark Knight trilogy remember Batman as being a dark figure and arguably the best depiction of Batman that will ever grace the silver screen. Others believe Affleck’s performance was a breath of fresh air and felt less grounded, but more in line with his comic book versions. Either way there is a huge difference between the two performances, some would even argue light years. So it is interesting that Cetrone would be channeling that Batman when portraying the other.

There is no question the story was flawed in the film but the stunt work was well done. The action sequences for Batman were well portrayed by the Cetrone and the rest of the team involved. Despite the negative appeal of the film, these individuals are great at bringing these superheroes to life.

What are your thoughts on Justice League Stuntman Peter Cetrone appearing in Dark Knight mode in this image from behind the scenes? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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