Karl Urban Has Absolutely No Update At All Regarding ‘Star Trek 4’

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If you’re an actor involved with multiple, well-known projects or franchises, it’s inevitable that, if you’re doing press for one of them, the interviewer will somehow manage to steer the conversation to another. Case in point, Karl Urban. The Dredd and Star Trek actor is set to add another title to his list of credentials: superhero monitor. That is, when he steps into the role of Billy Butcher on the Amazon adaptation of The Boys. Coincidentally, Urban’s Star Trek co-star Simon Pegg will also be in the series. But let’s circle back to Star Trek because of course.

Things are up in the air when it comes to Star Trek 4. S.J. Clarkson had been hired as the film’s director. And that’s the last we had heard of that. The film wanted a female antagonist. Okay. That’s fine. But the things started going south when Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pine walked from negotiations to reprise their roles as George and James T. Kirk respectively. The rationale for this was that the two were offered less pay due to Beyond underperforming at the box office, well under the gross of Star Trek Into Darkness and even the 2009 film that kicked off the reboot.

So right now, again, it’s difficult to say what the future has in store for this new Star Trek franchise. And just like John Cho, Karl Urban doesn’t have any answers or updates for you on the fourth film in the series, either. While doing press for The Boys with Jack Quaid at New York Comic, the conversation towards the very end did turn to Star Trek. And when asked about Star Trek 4, Karl Urban, very matter-of-factly, stated that he knew nothing about Star Trek. No news or update at all. You can watch Urban address the Trek question in the link provided at the bottom of this article at the five minute mark.

In fact, Urban’s focus seems to be squarely on The Boys for the time being, and with the main lead of the new Star Trek films walking from negotiations, the film is in development limbo for the time being. While Star Trek: Discovery may be getting ready to blast off for its second season on CBS All Access, the Enterprise crew on the big screen won’t be going on any missions or exploring strange new worlds anytime soon.

Do you think we will get a fourth Trek in this Kelvin timeline series of films? Could the series go on without Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth returning to reprise their roles? Let us know in the comments below.

Star Trek Beyond is available now on Digital HD, 4K, Blu-Ray, and DVD.

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