Katie McGrath Says Arrowverse Is ‘The Avengers’ Of TV

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In 2012, The CW took it’s first step to solidifying itself as the destination for DC TV with the introduction of Arrow. Since then, they’ve introduced The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl into their lineup. This collection of shows has been dubbed the Arrowverse (or Flarrowverse) and one Arrowverse star has likened the shows to The Avengers.

Katie McGrath, who came to Supergirl this season to portray Lena Luthor, spoke with CinemaBlend about the universe:

“It’s what TV is doing now! You would never have thought that we would see such high production values and such action and such amazing stuff on a TV show, you know five, six years ago. It’s where all the exciting stuff is happening. Berlanti Productions and The CW together have created this world that is… it’s almost like the Avengers of TV in a way. It’s this massive, massive story arcs and interconnecting worlds and things that you never would have imagined it six years ago! And they’re kind of at the forefront of doing that. It’s a bit humbling being part of that.”

Fans of the Arrowverse know that McGrath is pretty spot-on when she talks about the shows’ production values. On a TV and CW budget, the shows continually bring space battles, time travel, and large-scale destruction to life on a weekly basis. In fact, some of the CG has been downright impressive, but that’s not to mention the other aspects of the shows’ productions.

With lavish sets featuring high-tech lairs, laboratories, government agencies, and spaceship interiors, the practical effects of the Arrowverse are even more impressive than their CGI counterparts.

It’s this incredibly high production value combined with the merging of multiple super-powered (and some non-super-powered) heroes – especially during four-way crossover events – that makes McGrath’s comparison easy to see. There’s really no other collection of superhero TV shows that could fit her description like the Arrowverse can.

All four Arrowverse shows will be back next season and only Arrow has yet to air its season finale but will do so tonight.

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Source: CinemaBlend

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