Katrina Law Wants Nyssa Al Ghul To Return Via ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’

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Although Nyssa Al Ghul was last seen in one of the last few episodes of Arrow Season 4, Katrina Law wants to make a return as her character through The CW‘s Legends Of Tomorrow.

ComicBook.com recently had an interview with Katrina Law, who said the following about the possibility of returning to Arrow:

“When I found out they were casting Talia, I e-mailed Marc and I was like, ‘Please, please let us have a sister showdown!’ Because my inner nerd was just kind of exploding because if it’s anything like the comics I know that my character basically kills Talia 50 times and just keeps dumping into the Lazarus pit so she can keep bringing her back and get her onto her evil ways. I don’t think that’s gonna happen in Arrow the television series, but one can always hope. But, if not, if not a contentious relationship, then maybe one where we’re like standing back to back shooting arrows. That’d be pretty cool.”

While Law was enthusiastic about the possibility of returning to Arrow, she seemed to be even more excited about the possibilities presented by Legends Of Tomorrow, particularly due to her character’s interactions with Sara Lance (a character who, while introduced through Arrow, has a much more prominent role in Legends Of Tomorrow).

“I think a Legends Of Tomorrow appearance should be mandatory!” Law said. “That’s what I’m thinking because we need Sara and Nyssa. We need the Nyssara backstory of how they met on Liam Yu and how she trained her and basically how she found her on the streets and what the introduction to Ra’s al Ghul was like and eventually how they fell in love, I think people want to see that. I want to see that. Hopefully, one day. Again, I have no idea, but fingers crossed. That’s the wishlist.”

Katrina Law committed to the new Training Day show on CBS not too long ago, so her character reappearing on either Arrow or Legends Of Tomorrow is likely a ways away, presuming that it ever happens.

Source: ComicBook.com