Kevin Conroy Would Like To Play A Marvel Character

Kevin Conroy Batman

Could the longest-tenured Batman actually remove the DC cowl and go over to Marvel? Kevin Conroy seems to think there is always a chance. spoke with the voice behind the Caped Crusader for the last 25 years and asked him if he would ever consider playing a superhero from another company. Kevin Conroy said:

“Of course! I’m an actor. Actors want challenges, they want to be stretched.”

The veteran voice actor is also currently working on a new secret project, in which he voices a villain. Kevin Conroy teased:

“I have a new character that I’m introducing. I’m not allowed to mention what it’s on, but it’s on a different show.”

After voicing Gotham’s greatest hero for so long, Kevin Conroy also talked a little bit about what it is like voicing someone who fights for the other side:

“This new character I’m doing is actually a villain. And it’s a fun, crazy villain. It’s on another show, so I’m not allowed to tell you who it is. But it’s a fun character. I love doing it.”

What do you think, could Conroy take on the challenge of voicing one of Marvel’s finest? And can you hear the voice of Batman voicing an evil villain? Sound off in the comments below!


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