Kevin Feige Reveals He Almost Had A Cameo In ‘X-Men’

Kevin FeigeCameos have always been a staple for Marvel films. While the cameos in question have always been coming from Stan Lee, the godfather of Marvel comics, we may have gotten a cameo from another key player from the Marvel brand. Speaking with the Maltin on Movies podcast, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige stated that he almost had a cameo in Bryan Singer’s X-Men, way back in 2000.

The only reason I did it is because I was completely covered. I was a Weapon X tech pulling Wolverine’s claws out of the oven. But I had a hood and mask… gloves. Every inch of me was covered.

Feige didn’t reveal why he or the production crew didn’t go through with the cameo, but if you’ll indulge us, we have a few theories to throw your way.

Being hired as an associate producer for X-Men, it’s likely all producers were to get a cameo as many often do. Producers often like to insert themselves into the film they’re producing for well, bragging rights. Or, maybe the cameo wasn’t worth the effort for Feige, as even he stated that he would be covered. If there’s no recognition then, what’s the point? It would have been nice to have seen Feige in the film that jumpstarted his career, but no harm’s done as he’s paved the way for modern superhero films as opposed to hogging the limelight.

Kevin Feige’s success story is one that every geek hopes to replicate. Hired for his knowledge of the Marvel comic universe, Feige quickly gained momentum and in just a few short years became the architect for the MCU as we know it. Since his presence has been cemented by fans and critics alike, we’re not ruling out the possibility that Feige will one day have his very own cameo where he isn’t covered. After all, he’s done for Marvel movies what Stan Lee did for Marvel comics. Going forward, it’ll be interesting to see if Feige appears in some of the films he helped bring to life.

The next release in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 which theaters on May 5.

Source: Maltin on Movies

6 Ways Sony Can Make ‘Venom’ Actually Good

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Venom Superheroes
A while ago, it was announced that Sony was interested in revisiting the Venom property after featuring the character in the contentious Spider-Man 3, with the intent to have a new franchise that wouldn’t necessarily be tied to the current cinematic iteration of Spider-Man. Progress on that stalled when it turned out that Sony would be placing emphasis on developing an animated movie instead; While news on that movie has steadily been released, Venom seemed to be put on the back-burner for a while. Now, in what appears to be a knee-jerk reaction to Aquaman moving to take Avatar 2‘s planned release date, Sony has suddenly announced that the Venom project is back in business, and will be arriving on the same day that Aquaman was originally going to be released.

Naturally, this has left a lot of fans with concerns, particularly with the team that’s producing Venom – Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach, the duo behind the unnecessary The Amazing Spider-Man reboot series that caved in on its second installment and indirectly led to Sony’s decision to re-reboot into a much more accurate and well-received take on Peter Parker into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sony Pictures as a company has been taking a lot of flak for a number of creative decisions recently, such as greenlighting the already-maligned animated feature The Emoji Movie and deciding to cancel the Ghostbusters III film that was in development in the late 2000s in favor of pushing out a reboot with a half-assed script, a decision that the contributed greatly to Sony’s billion-dollar write-off for their film division last year when their would-be mega-franchise came up incredibly short. They’re not exactly in the best place right now as a company, and it’s going to be a while before Spider-Man: Homecoming (hopefully) puts them in a better position as far as their tentpoles are concerned.

But there’s still a chance for Venom to defy expectations and actually turn out to be a good movie. The easiest option for Sony would be to wait a bit and cooperate with Marvel Studios before thinking about putting the Lethal Protector in one of their movies – since it’s very likely that Spider-Man will get the Symbiote in Avengers: Infinity War, and Venom will probably play a part in their own plans – but given the divide between Arad and Marvel Studios following his departure from the company, this does not seem likely. Operating on the presumption that Venom will be set outside of the MCU’s continuity – which ultimately may not be the case – here are 6 things that Sony must do to make sure that they get the villain/anti-hero right this time.

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