Kevin Garnett Wants To Be In Mahershala Ali’s ‘Blade’ Movie

Mahershala Ali Kevin Garnett Blade

Basketball star and recently turned actor Kevin Garnett wants to be in Mahershala Ali’s Blade film but he has one very specific request.

On hand at the Toronto International Film Festival to promote Uncut Gems, Kevin Garnett was asked by Variety what his next role would be. Director Josh Safdie took that as a cue to recommend Kevin Garnett for a role in Mahershala Ali’s Blade. Kevin Garnett said he’s game to play a villain in Mahershala Ali’s Blade but only if he dies very early on in the movie.

During the interview, Kevin Garnett stated that he has no interest in fighting for 30 minutes as a main villain, but would rather just show up on the screen and then quickly die. Here’s wht he told the site:

“I’m finna do Blade, I’m finna be a villain that gets killed early though. My only request is do not put me in there fighting for 30 minutes, you know what I’m saying? That’s not what I’m going for. I want to get killed real early. Soon as we get on – boom, I’m dead. There’s the body. ‘Oh, I thought that was Kevin’, yeah, that type of role.”

It’s an odd request for sure, but it’s one that would show Mahershala Ali’s prowess on screen.

You can check out a snippet from the interview below.

In the interview, the director also touched upon how Kevin Garnett is a fantastic actor and that he really has his work cut out for him. In Uncut Gems, Kevin Garnett plays himself. Since it is one of his first major acting roles, it’ll be interesting to see him play someone who isn’t himself. Who knows, maybe we’ll see Kevin Garnett and Mahershala Ali go toe-to-toe in Blade in the next few years.

Details on Mahershala Ali’s Blade remain under wraps, but Kevin Feige has confirmed the reboot won’t be part of Marvel Studios’ Phase 4. The new Blade project is said to have come about after Mahershala Ali called Marvel Studios expressing his desire to play the character following his second Academy Award win for his performance in Green Book.

Stay tuned for the latest news on Mahershala Ali’s Blade  reboot and Kevin Garnett’s hopeful involvement in the film.

Source: Variety