Kevin Smith Discusses ‘Comic Book Movie Overload’ & ‘Batman v Superman’

During the Suicide Squad premiere in New York City, Kevin Smith was asked what his thoughts were on comic book films and if Hollywood was are reaching comic book overload. Suicide Squad continues the comic book movie trend and will be followed up by Marvel’s Doctor Strange. 2017 features another packed line-up of comic book movies including, Wonder Woman, Justice League from Warner Bros./DC and Thor: Ragnarok from Marvel.  

“Look who you’re asking. Look how I’m dressed, are you serious? You got me for five minutes and you’re going to ask that question? No, they need to make more dude. I don’t care if they’re quote unquote bad or something, the more you see the better it is. Like, make it as, as ubiquitous as the western was in the fifties I say, because what’s better than little morality tales. Some of them are going to be wonderful, some may be not as wonderful, but let em make them all. There’s no such thing as too many of these things.”

Smith is very open about being a fanboy when it comes to comics and despite critical/fan reception, Smith continues to watch Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on repeat ever since the ultimate edition was released.

“I’ve now watched that movie like eight more times since it came out on home video,” Smith told during a red carpet interview. “I keep watching it over and over again – the longer [Ultimate Cut] one. That makes it better; I just keep watching it over and over again and my wife is like, ‘why do you keep watching this?’ I’m just like, ‘I’m gonna love it one day! The more I watch it, I’m absolutely going to fall in love with it.'”

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