Kevin Smith On How Directing ‘The Flash’ Prepared Him For ‘Supergirl’

Grant Gustin The Flash

Supergirl finally returns today after its mid-season break, and it does so with an episode titled “Supergirl Lives,” directed by none other than Kevin Smith.

Kevin Smith is of course known among fans as a comic book encyclopedia, so it was really cool when he got to direct not one but two episodes of The Flash. And when it was announced that he would be directing tonight’s “Supergirl Lives,” everyone just cheered.

Talking to IGN, Kevin Smith revealed how helming two episodes of The Flash helped him get ready for Supergirl, explaining that while the first episode he did for The Flash wasn’t special effects heavy, the second one had its fair share, and the process helped him ease in into the Supergirl universe.

Supergirl is way more complex. The moment she’s in that suit, almost anything she does is a special effect, whether she breathes, whether she looks at something, whether she leaves the room, there’s a special effect involved. It’s a special effects-heavy show, and thank god I did that second episode of The Flash in between the first episode of Flash and the first episode of Supergirl. The second episode of Flash, ‘Killer Frost,’ was very effects-heavy and much more in keeping with what they do in terms of spectacle in an episode. So it was very good training going into Supergirl.”

Kevin Smith also added that he’s not looking for the episodes he directs to stand out in any weird way, rather than that he wants to ‘color within the lines’ and just help tell a great story. You can catch the whole interview here.

The Kevin Smith-directed episode airs today on The CW.

Source: IGN