See Kevin Smith’s Full ‘Suicide Squad’ Review


Suicide Squad hasn’t had the best critic reception, but audiences seem to be loving it. Despite a 26% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes, the latest DCEU entry is set for a record-breaking weekend at the box office. It’s clearly found a fan in Kevin Smith, you can see his YouTube review below.

It sounds like the DC fan has had his approach to comic-book movies changed after Suicide Squad:

I used to be one of those cats that was like they should give comic book material to people that know comic books very well and stuff. David’s movie to me was a commercial for you can give comic book material to people outside the medium, maybe didn’t grow up with this s*** in their blood or whatever, and it creates a real interesting effect.

As for what he liked about it, Smith raved about how much fun he had with David Ayer’s film. “I don’t want this to sound dismissive” Smith added. “This movie was like a Hot Topic come to life. Like you were in the mall and suddenly Hot Topic’s came to life and started fighting in front of you and s*** like that.”

Despite enjoying it Smith was quick to stress that he saw the faults as well. “I’m not dismissing the critics and what not, people, some people have kind of railed against the movie, and if you don’t like it then you don’t like it, and I’m not saying they don’t get it by any stretch of the imagination.”

With the film set to rake in $140million at the box office this weekend, it seems like plenty enjoyed it as much as he did.

Source: ComicBook.Com

Aaron Rogan

Aaron Rogan

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  • Sd70acejm

    DC Shill at its finest.

    • SAMURAI36

      So wait…. the guy that didn’t like BVS is a “DC shill”?? I swear, I don’t know what bile duct do these folks crawl out of??

      • JMMagwood



    I’m still waiting for that idiot Carl to come in, talking about how Kevin didn’t really like SS, or whatever nonsense he was talking about from the other day….

    • Carl

      Hi! Maybe he did genuinely like it. I haven’t seen it yet so I don’t know who to believe yet. I’ll know Sunday.

      • SAMURAI36

        WTF do you mean “who to believe”? There’s nobody to believe, or not believe. Ever tried forming your own opinion?

        But hey, everybody here pretty much knows that you’re gonna report back here tomorrow with a negative review. You’ve already made.your mind up that the film is bad, without even laying eyes on it. Honestly, I don’t know why you’re even bothering to watch it in the first place.

        • Carl

          You get angry so easily. lol

          Believe as in if I think the movie is good then I won’t believe the negative reviews are accurate.

          Dude, you are the one that made up his mind to love this movie before seeing it. I haven’t once said if I like it or not yet so you’re just making foolish assumptions.

          • SAMURAI36

            Dude, who’s angry? You’re not remotely worth that emotion.

            And I freely admit that I was prepared to like SS, because I haven’t been disappointed yet by the DCEU. Not to mention, I like the cast, the director/writer, the film’s premise, & the marketing for the film.

            Don’t you go to all the Marvel films, expecting to like them, sight unseen?

          • Carl

            You sound angry with the all caps WTF. lol

            Hey I like David Ayer, Training Day and End of Watch are great movies. I like a lot of the cast for SS too. I even liked the trailers. I thought I was going to like it but now I’m not sure.

            I go into Marvel movies expecting to like them because of their cast, creative teams, trailers, pedigree and good reviews.

          • SAMURAI36

            Also, stop pretending like you haven’t been trying to nitpick the movie with a buncha dumb comments. You’ve already been called out on it by several different people here. You could’ve easily kept your mouth closed til you saw the film, but you were far more content to nitpick it passive aggressively.

          • Carl

            Should I be going in with blind faith after the mediocre MoS and awful BvS? The DCEU is pretty tainted. I hoped this one would turn things around but it’s not looking that way.

            Why don’t you keep your mouth shut before seeing the film? Not that I’d tell you to because you have every right to voice your opinion.

  • Maximillian Pegasus