Kevin Smith Talks His Upcoming ‘The Flash’ Episode & Possibly Directing ‘Arrow’

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Arrow Season 5 officially began production today in Vancouver, Canada, with the premiere being titled “Legacy” which is being directed by James Bamford, the show’s excellent stunt coordinator. In a recent interview with Den of Geek, Kevin Smith (who previously directed an episode of The Flash in Season 2) continued to talk about the chances of him directing an episode one day of Arrow and what he would want to do in that episode.

In the interview, he expressed his interest of adapting the character that he created years ago, Onomatopoeia, as well as revealing when he will be going back to The Flash for Season 3 as well as the episode number.

“Oh my god, I would love that so much. I’ve not heard from anybody over there, even though I’ve talked about it in the press quite a bit and stuff.

I know I’m going back to The Flash, first week of September, to direct episode 7 of season 3. Still haven’t heard anything back from Arrow. You know, I wish, it would be amazing because I would love to write and direct Onomatopoeia in the show. Um, but I know they’re doing – what is it? – Wild Dog this year, as well as Vigilante, so maybe they’re just like ‘we don’t need you’, or whatever. But, at the moment, anyone over there raises a flag; I’m like ‘please, let me in!’ That’d be fun as f**k.”

The Flash Season 3 premieres on Tuesday, October 4 while Arrow Season 5 is set to premiere on Wednesday, October 5, both respectively at 8/7c on The CW

Source: Den of Geek

Andy Behbakht

Andy Behbakht

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  • Jewie

    Funny considering he also said this:

    “When I did Green Arrow, I went with Onomatopoeia for a villain, just because I loved that word, and it kind of formed the character inasmuch as he would say sounds out loud. It only kind of works – I think – on a comic book page because if you have a gun going off, they usually write BLAM! and then you can have, you know, the character saying “BLAM!” in a word balloon, but like if you tried to do that cinematically you can’t really rock it. A gun in a film sounds completely different. It doesn’t read as BLAM! and so to have a dude say BLAM! after a true gunshot, all these people would be like “he’s just retarded.” I think it works great in print and on a comic book page. I don’t think that character would translate very well outside of that.”

  • CSM

    It’s weird how he hasn’t mentioned in these recent talks of how much he wants to do this, how he refuses to watch Arrow (and tangentially refused to watch Flash for the longest time) due to one of the exec producers on Arrow (and Legends but not Flash) said in response to a question directed to him if he wanted Kevin Smith working on Arrow. The answer was”No.”