Kevin Smith’s ‘Flash’ Episode Is “The Calm Before The Storm”

In an enthusiastic post on Instagram, director Kevin Smith relayed just how excited he is about his episode of The Flash that he’s helming this season.

He is currently shooting episode 7 and according to him, it’s an episode that is:

“The calm before the storm that is the forthcoming crossovers between Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and Arrow.”

Apparently the episode pulls from a story that was a favorite of his from back in the day and contains “legendary locations.”

In the Instagram post Kevin shared with his followers, the picture showcases him with actor Tom Felton, who many remember as Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter franchise. Felton is portraying a character named Julian Dorn who works with Barry at the Central City Police Department and feels that Barry is hiding something. Many are speculating that Felton will be playing the villain, Dr. Alchemy, who is going to be one of the big bads this season.

Kevin described Felton as:

“All class and the character he plays is an excellent addition to the world of The Flash.”

According to Kevin the origin of the picture was on the night of some late night filming, which lasted early into the morning, and also happened to also coincide with Felton’s birthday. Kevin described the scene he was filming as a “moody” one between Felton and Grant Gustin and considers it one of the best he’s ever done.

The Flash returns for its 3rd season on October 4th , and according to Kevin you should be excited because:

“I’ve seen what they have planned and it f***ing rules!”

House of #Slytherin, son! Shout out to @t22felton – who spent the last few minutes of his birthday shooting on @cwtheflash with us in the wee hours of the morning. The man is all class and the character he plays is an excellent addition to the world of #TheFlash (we shot a moody scene with Tom and @grantgust on our first day that's one of my favorite I've ever done). Meanwhile, the amazing cast & crew busted their asses all day and night yesterday (while I watched) and shot some stellar scenes for Ep 7. This episode we're making is the calm before the storm that is the forthcoming crossovers with @supergirlcw & @cw_legendsoftomorrow & @cw_arrow. I've seen what they've got planned for the massive event and it fucking RULES! It's breathtaking in its enormity and will be particularly fun for any long term @dccomics fan like me who has been reading that company's books for decades. They're pulling elements from a story that was a favorite of mine back in the day so there are tremendous terms and legendary locations in the crossover script I saw that will make any #dccomics lover fill their Underoos! I have enjoyed the shit out of "directing" Season 3 Episode 7 – but as a fan of #TheFlash, I can't wait to watch the crossover to come! #KevinSmith #TomFelton #theflashseason3 #vancouver #canada #grateful

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